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i keep toying with the idea of buying one of these "one size fits all" guitar amps.  like a bogner ecstasy or a diezel vh4.  you know, the ones that are essentially 3 to 6 different amps, in one case.  i like the idea of a single amp being able to deliver tons of tones in the studio.  of course, i'm not looking at it to solve all my amp tone needs.  really to just keep the stack of amps a bit smaller.

so, with that in mind.  what do you guys think?  what are your desert island guitar amps?  are any of these "multi-amp" boxes worth it?

I have only used the übërschäll and the shïvä, so I can't speak for the ecstasy.  But I think I'd be forever happy with a Hiwatt DR-103 a VH4 and an AC15. That pretty much covers it for me.

The text is very useful.

Jim Williams:
My 1966 Fender Deluxe Reverb has done it all since 1979.

I'm a fan of classic tube amps. Little ones, for the studio :)

I just got a Harmony H303A from 1960.... tiny Jensen 6" speaker. Wow! What a sound. I'd be happy playing that on a desert island!!


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