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EH NY-2A Issues

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Randall Squires:
This seems to me to be a fairly common problem with these units...but I'm hoping to find out what other users and Oliver have to say on it.
I have an Electro Harmonix NY-2a that seems to have issues.
I use it as a stereo buss compressor. I of course calibrate it so that I get the same performance out of both channels. 1k @ 0vu into it. With the input gain knobs up to 2 o'clock, I set the Compression knobs to read 60%, and then set my output to read 0VU back at the console.
Here's the issue now. I''ve set up the input, and the compression, but I'm not getting the correct output on channel two. The issue is internal, as the output meter is reading realy low, and if I use the Post knob to turn it up, I'm distoring the crap out of the signal.
For those who don't know, there are TONS of tubes in these things and they get RETARDEDLY HOT!
So the questions are....
1. Anyone else have one that has gone bad. Does it happen often
2. Is there anything that I can do relatively cheaply to keep this thing working and cool.
3. Is this thing a piece and I should ditch it?

Sorry for the wierd disjointed post....but I'm in the middle of a mix, and it just went bad, and it's integral to the tone that I have been gettign on this record.


Randall Squires:
Oh, one more thing...
When I look inside of the unit it seems to me that none of the tubes are glowing.....
Any ideas?

Oliver Archut:
Hello Randall,

the EH-NY2a is somehow a modern interpretation of the historic opto-leveling amplifier or best known as the LA2a. Never worked with it or on it but on the EH web-page

http://www.ehx.com/ehx2/Default.asp?q=f&f=%2FCatalog%2F0 2%5FHome%5FStudio%5FPerformance%5FProducts%2F01%5FThe%5FNY-2 A

there is a pretty good description with some info on the updated features. The EM80 magic eye tube makes it appear like modern tube radio, it is a kind of a nice flavor a la Mike Matthews.

Why it does not work is pretty hard to say, you might want to get the filament voltage checked by a qualified tech.

Best regards,

Randall Squires:
Welp, I tried. Maybe someone else has one that has had problems and will get in touch with me.

Randall Squires:
I opened it up today, and it looks as if a capacitor went on the powersupply.


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