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Oliver Archut:
Hello Synthi,

there are at least three V275 schematics I know about and only one has the 295mH or so inductance drawn into the schematic.
Also the later IC and Duennfilm units lack those coils the cut off is done in the feedback loop...
The same that you won't find the RF filter that is drawn into the V76 schematic inside a real life V76...

It is nearly the same coil that you can find in a V672 for the upper limitation....

Best regards,

Thanks Oliver.

I have now in front of me one V275/0 and a V275a and they don´t have inductors inside...

The 275/0 is IC based, but the 275a is discrete.


Oliver Archut:
There is a chance that you have a resistor looking inductor, or that someone removed it. Also where did you get yours, was it made for IRT speced use or was it an export unit? There could be several different reasons why yours does not have a coil...

I try to get you a photo...

Best regards,

Bruno Stevens:
I just found a W75KA in my...err studio basement, any decent uses? We have a nice Neve console, so we don't need to build another one ...


cool forum guys - I found this thread looking for info on some Siemens V275/0 summing amps Im lookin to rack - maybe I should start another thread?

I've not had much luck looking for schemetics tho - I have a friend who should be able to do the electronics for me without much trouble so long as he has the right info.

Thanks for any help anyone can give,


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