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Hello Oliver, its been years since I read from you in the net, ive learned and still learn a lot from you,  im a german technology (audio) fan, I admire the quality of their designs and components, now its the time to aproach, I live in Argentina, very far away, and I am building with the help of an engineer, a custom siemens/neumann board,  i already have couples of V276, V276A, V272, with different neumann and siemens equalization, they sound awesome, i have two V275/01 and soon i will be using them as summing amps for a stereo bus. still havent tried them yet. i dont know how they sound. are these transistor based ?  somewere i read that they are dickfilm technieke based, can you tell me more about this technology ? what other use can you give to a V275/01 ?
thanks in advance,
pleasure reading from you,
Patricio Claypole

Oliver Archut:
Hello Patricio,

the V275 is the transistor version of the V75, the heart piece of all Telefunken/Siemens tube consoles of the 50 and early 60s. When Siemens started the Sitral consoles they took the tube designations and added the 2 in from of it to indicate that is was transistor. A few V75t were made a V75 housing with a 275 electronics.

If you planning to build a console the V275 is the perfect choice for the two bus mix, best signal to noise ratio of all german line mixers as well as great sonics. There were several versions made over the years, the first solid state units, the Duennfilm ones and the later op amp versions. The early and the duennfilm ones sound quite amassing, the later op amp is O.K.

In case you need schematic, please let me know.

Best regards,

Thanks so much for the reply,   i am planning to make a master bus and one submaster for recording several mics, into one track...

are these v275/01 with some built-in filters ?

thanks a lot,


Oliver Archut:
Hello Wrek,

all Siemens units have a small inductor that cuts above 15kHz, you can not just take it out you have to replace or modify it.

The low end cut is mostly done with a CT cap, that need to be removed.

Best regards,

As long as I know, the V275/01 is not discrete, it uses a opamp IC.

all Siemens units have a small inductor that cuts above 15kHz, you can not just take it out you have to replace or modify it.

Hi Oliver,

I`m checking the V275 schematic and I can´t see inductors...
Could you check if this module is really band-limited?




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