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eBay: How To Avoid Becoming A Scam Victim

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Here is something I suspect was a scam--    On the GearSlutz Classified forum the seller made reference to the item for sale on eBay.  I corresponded with him and he sounded legitimate.  

He warned me that the real bidding would take place minutes before closing. He was right. The bids went up by the thousands.  

I was initially caught up in the frenzy but came to my senses. There had been an annoying bidder who was always neck and neck with me. I finally let him take the item when the price became ridiculous.  

Several days later the buyer notified me and said that the winning bidder had pulled out and he was willing to sell it to me for my top bid.  I felt that my bidding opponent was a shill and they got too greedy.   I reported the incident to eBay but I have heard nothing back.    

J.J. Blair:
I came across this guide, that I thought would be helpful:

http://reviews.ebay.com/Ebay-Scams-14-things-you-MUST-know_W 0QQugidZ10000000001410441?ssPageName=BUYGD:CAT:-1:SEARCH:4

I recently had an interesting experience buying a pair of sequentially numbered KM84i's on EBay. It wasn't a scam, per se, as the mics were actually delivered, but they were not as represented. I don't mean to hijack this thread to another forum, but the entire sequence of events and final resolution is at this thread.


There may be some information there which will help buyers who end up purchasing an item with the "Catch 22" wording that a mic is working but is offered "as is".

If time and effort can be equated to money, after this experience and the time and effort it cost me, I might have been better off buying the mics from a reputable reseller.

Hope this helps someone....and thanks to Klaus, who was helpful with some initial inquiries that eventually led to my getting this situation resolved.

Eric H.:
Rocket17 wrote on Mon, 16 February 2009 15:00
Total rubbish, your interpretation, Klaus - as said before: You are NOT the mile stone all things are measured by! You have an opinion. And here is mine:

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