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Author Topic: Building Home Studio (not me though--well, me but not doing the building)  (Read 1422 times)


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New guy here and I come loaded with some me me me me....

So, I've finally made up my mind to build the studio at home. Why rent when I can own, right? Here are a few questions. They are non-tech as I won't even pretend to be an acoustician and don't want to do-it-myself. I'll stick to what I'm good at.

I plan to either add-on to my garage or demolish and construct a new building.
Possibly and hopefully, 2 stories (if budget allows).
Control Room, Live Room and Bathroom.
Master Bedroom upstairs (once again, if budget allows. Who wouldn't want a bigger bedroom. Anyone watch Cribs????)

Is it best to hire separate entities--
Studio Designer.

Or an all-in-one company?
Any recommendations?
Anyone/thing to avoid?
What can I expect to spend?????
I'm in L.A.
Now stone me.


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Re: Building Home Studio (not me though--well, me but not doing the building)
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2006, 12:06:38 am »

Let's address your questions directly:

1. Best to hire us of course! (LOL)
seriously, for a high level renovation you will need a local architect to handle filing, and building department submissions. We do a lot of out-of-town jobs with local architects. What's best?? It all comes down to how simple you want to keep it, and how much you want to spend on fees... More guys, generally = more fees, right?
2. Turnkey company.. works for some folks. We find it to be a conflict of interest. How can I serve as your "representative" with a contractor when I AM the contractor?? Simple as that...
3. I'll avoid the "who to avoid question" as that would be pretty biased and I've already swung way past the line!! Twisted Evil
4. What to spend?? How much you got?? No, but seriously that really is what the first conversation comes down to with most of our inquiries. I've done $60-70K Garage conversions. More typically it approaches 100K.. I've done small project that mounted to significantly more than that as well.... so, how much you wanna spend??

Not trying to be directly obtuse here, really. It's just this is a wide open business (we're) in and people do rooms for a couple thousand and people do rooms for a couple million, so it does, in the end, come down to
a) what are you looking for?
b) what is your budget?
c) how do you best achieve "a" within the restraints of "b".

I often tell folks in limited budgets that what they are buying with the services of a firm like ours, it good advice on how to "not waste their money"... and that, in the end, might be the best advice...

so, does that help at all?? Of course, private correspondance is always available should you want. (that's our "me me me") Thanks!!
Francis Manzella - President, FM Design Ltd.
                 - Managing Director, Griffin Audio


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Re: Building Home Studio (not me though--well, me but not doing the building)
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2006, 05:06:10 am »

It does help. Thanks a ton for your input Francis!!!!
I guess I'm at a fairly reasonable budget (for an indie).
Now being completely across the country, how does this affect 1) extra expense, 2)ability to supervise your design.
Do you have recommendations on past architects, contractors so as to use folks with whom you may have already worked the kinks out?
Perhaps I'll just take you up on the private correspondence......
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