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Author Topic: Townshend on CD  (Read 4082 times)


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Re: Townshend on CD
« Reply #15 on: January 08, 2007, 01:22:04 pm »

NO, that's not the point.

In my example whatever the mastering engineer was doing was already up on the desk.
Then we got to hear the digital version versus the vinyl, and the vinyl sounds MUCH MORE like the original desk output.

you're right neither sounds JUST like it.

Vinyl sounds MORE like it.

CD sounds LESS like it.

William Wittman
(Cyndi Lauper, Joan Osborne, The Fixx, The Outfield, Hooters...)


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Re: Townshend on CD
« Reply #16 on: January 09, 2007, 07:49:20 pm »

I remember at the dawn of the CD era reading an interview of ..doug sax I think.. mentioning something along the lines of: nothing superior to a freshly cut master on a lathe..compared to cd.

I do a little test between the same recording on vinyl and on cd where the listener (who is usually someone with untrained ears) listens to one and the other on my stereo.

100% of the time when the LP is on their eyes open up and as they comment on the difference they make a physical gesture of 'size' with their hands (I am in Europe where talking with your hands is more widespread).

the comments always include adjectives such as small, squashed, thinner etc. for CD and 'bigger', 'like you are watching them play in front of you', I can understand the meaning of the words better etc..

none of these people really care about distortion content... nobody who casually listens to pop really does..

pop records ARE distorted to begin with: saturated, compressed, filtered, mixed, eq'ed.. there's probably 20% distortion on the average pop record compared to the naked tracks..

vinyl may have a higher amout of measureable distortion and noise, but the SOUND is more like the source..

I stick to the old 50's notion that 1% thd in a piece of gear is fine and anything below that is not likely to matter.

this is especially true with pop.
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