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Author Topic: A couple tidbits about soundproofing  (Read 4718 times)


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A couple tidbits about soundproofing
« on: December 01, 2006, 06:25:38 pm »

I've been doing some Googling about soundproofing and wound up buying some stuff to treat doors from www.soundproofing.org. They're really a ".com" operation but there's some interesting stuff on their web site. Notably, they list one possible window treatment as "Add clear acoustical sound dampening plastic film to the window panes." I called them and spoke to one of their technicians about this. He explained this was not yet available as it is a new product about to hit the market. I realize something like this isn't going to be like adding a vinyl soundproof window, but if it's reasonably priced, easily applied, unobtrusive, and offers any level of noticeable difference in sound leakage, that would be great. Does anyone here know anything about this? I'm really interested.

The same technician also explained that mass loaded vinyl with foam backing can be painted with water based latex paint. I assume this can be done without significantly affecting its sound dampening properties? This also would be great. I'm no interior decorator, but even I can see black foam clashing with a lot of decor. Very Happy

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