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Author Topic: stephens multitrack LED lamp replacements  (Read 2472 times)


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stephens multitrack LED lamp replacements
« on: December 27, 2006, 09:32:57 PM »

I thought I would just share this with any Stephens 821B owners out there...
We found a good direct replacement LED for the 7387 incandecent bulbs in the deck and the QII remote. It's a LEDtronics part #BPF200-21W-028B.

John's transport controls use the filament bulb impedence to load the SCRs in parts of the circuit, so this will NOT work in the FORWARD and REVERSE switches on the deck. They are fine in ALL switches on the remote.

Also, one of our 4 machines doesn't like the LED in the PLAY switch and I haven't figured out why yet. More if I get to the bottom of that little anomaly.

These are the bi-pin bases, occasionally the Stephens stuff will have the bayonet style bulbs...LEDtronics has these too, but I don't have a part number.
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