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Author Topic: Mr Lavry's forum is gone.  (Read 22395 times)


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Re: Mr Lavry's forum is gone.
« Reply #120 on: November 28, 2006, 08:36:56 PM »

I agree with you that it was indeed a cheap shot that was being flung at EveAnna... and more importantly, the thread had no business being posted or left in the "High End" audio forum.  Their "moan zone" perhaps, but not the "High End" forum.

FWIW, I also thought it was particularly bad form that their moderators edited the posts subsequent to my making my post, and edited them in a manner that removed all dissenting viewpoint that EveAnna "stole" the company from the drunken pant load... which, seeing as EveAnna is one of the moderators over there I found to be exceptionally bad form.

I also spent a good portion of my afternoon lobbying one of the moderators of the forum to either kill the thread or move it to "The Moan Zone" [in other words to get a non-audio related discussion out of an audio forum].

As for the junior Oliver Stones in the "let's lynch Fletcher/Dan Lavry love fest"... I don't know how much clearer Mark Herman's post [it's back on page 6] could have been... while I was the guy that brought Dan in I had nothing to do with the final decision to show Dan out.

Y'all can cry whatever conspiracy theory you'd like, and you can cry it all day long... but that my friends don't make it so.  The fact of the matter is that the Lavry divorce from Mercenary Audio was made by Jay Fitz [official title: "Capo di tutti Capi" (which literally means "boss of the bosses")] because of somekind of issue where Lavry Engineering would no longer take Mercenary Audio's checks for product and Mercenary Audio doesn't have a corporate Mastercard or Visa [but much like the Olympics... the Lavry's don't take American Express which is the only card we have for things like paying for product and/or airline tickets... we get frequent flyer bonus points with that card which is how our crew gets to AES Europe every year... but I digress]... the PSW divorce was just a timing issue as Mark had enough of the nonsense at the same time Jay did.

Coincidence?  Maybe.  Probably.  I dunno... more importantly, I don't care.

Chris wants to talk about "ABX" tests... bro, have you ever sat through one of those things?  After about 3 tries I wouldn't know if it was live, memorex, 44.1, 96, or two cans with a string in the middle.  I have been forced to sit though more of those than I will ever hope to face for as long as I am on this planet... in fact, if I have to sit though another one of those things I'm doubling my appearance fee rate... or blowing my brains out.  What an abject waste of fucking time and resources... if I wanted to be confused and/or disoriented again I'd go back to doing drugs... which ain't on my list of shit to do today [unless ya got some that is].

That said, I am making an excecutive decision... something I'm actually fairly good at from time to time.  Today's executive decision is that this thread is going to say "nighty night" and go to sleep.  You may feel free to start another thread all about the closing of this thread... but this sumbitch is done.

...which brings us to the close of yet another broadcast day... thanks for stopping by... hope to see ya around reeeeeeeeel soon.

Good night... and good luck.
CN Fletcher

mwagener wrote on Sat, 11 September 2004 14:33
We are selling emotions, there are no emotions in a grid

"Recording engineers are an arrogant bunch.  
If you've spent most of your life with a few thousand dollars worth of musicians in the studio, making a decision every second and a half... and you and  they are going to have to live with it for the rest of your lives, you'll get pretty arrogant too.  It takes a certain amount of balls to do that... something around three"
Malcolm Chisholm

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