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Author Topic: Hooray For BMW in leading the race for fuel efficient cars!  (Read 2057 times)


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Hooray For BMW in leading the race for fuel efficient cars!
« on: November 26, 2006, 07:48:43 PM »


Just saw a blurb on discovery channel that there are plans to release them soon enough to the public, most likely in the European Market, once revisions and what not are completed.  

But Cool!
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Re: Hooray For BMW in leading the race for fuel efficient cars!
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2006, 07:51:26 PM »


aren't they still controlled by the original owners?


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Re: Hooray For BMW in leading the race for fuel efficient cars!
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2006, 07:54:26 PM »

I wonder how much energy is used to create the hydrogen though...

to get enough for 100 cars how big would the solar panels have to be!?


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Re: Hooray For BMW in leading the race for fuel efficient cars!
« Reply #3 on: November 27, 2006, 02:33:43 PM »

This was emailed to me from Peter Poyser and I am posting it with his blessing:



aren't they still controlled by the original owners?”


Johanna Quandt who is a remarkable lady I have seen (few ever have) and her family, own the controlling interest. Indeed, family members sit on the supervisory board.
The day to day running however, is in the hands of a Chairman and Board of Directors, with a very mature and widely experienced Supervisory Board above them.

The Chairmen and Directors are extremely ‘hands on’ and the Company has a flat structure where the distance between the very top of the company and the very bottom (on the shop floor) is extremely short indeed. You would find the very Top Directors there on the shop floor in plants throughout the world regularly, planning investment, overseeing progress, improvement and seeing it through to completion. Change is continual.

The Company’s absolute first priority in strategy is to completely retain independent control. Because it is one of only three auto manufacturers that qualify to be in the major stock markets higher ‘sustainable companies’ index. It has enjoyed the continuing growth and profitability to have the capital to aggressively resist any attempt at hostile takeover. And been able to fight off major companies such as Ford for instance in the recent past.

Here is a 2005-2006 report on sustainability objectives for the company.

 http://www.bmwgroup.com/bmwgroup_prod/e/0_0_www_bmwgroup_com  /verantwortung/publikationen/sustainable_value_report_2005/_ pdf/bmwgroup_nachhaltigkeitsziele_e.pdf

It reveals a socially responsible Company deeply committed to sustainability in every possible respect.

This thread is closely related to another elsewhere on PSW ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ where the importance of sustainability is raised in relation to our planet.

The topic of sustainability highlights a vitally important subject that is very intimately involved with many of the projects and developments that I am, and have been personally involved with, through various company interests for some considerable time.

I have a number of points to make in this regard.

We need to have a wider view of things.

Science and technology is by nature deep.

But we need to see the ‘wood for the trees’ and to this end, I am a great believer is drawing good science from whatever discipline it is found, and amalgamating it where ever possible to overcome areas where progress might not otherwise be possible.

By this method recently we have used science which studied the behaviour of water flow in ravines, and used the information gleaned to manufacture an engine air intake 14% more efficient than the previous top performing model available.

The scientific study of way trees grow to design newly optimised engine blocks, and even a new design of motor cycle wheel, gaining enhanced performance, reduced kerb weight, improved power to weight ratio, and better fuel economy in both automobiles and motorcycles alike.

And all this…. From studying and applying the knowledge learned about river flow in ravines and how trees grow and bear the weight of their branches……

Perhaps then, when I write that we can learn from and apply truths from scientific disciplines other than those we are directly concerned with, and by this method gain a critical advantage, to overcome a point of complete impasse we seem to have come to in our direct disciplines, you can fully appreciate I genuinely know something of which I write.

The concerns sustainability raise in your important thread have been much in the thoughts of friends of mine for a very long time indeed. While the majority of the entire world has been slowly awaking to these potential problems, significant others have been working in a very practical way, to find workable solutions and viable alternatives in order to help secure a sustainable future for us all.

I would like to make a number of points.

The other night I had the privilege to hear Sir George Martin speak on the importance of love in his life, to the securing his careers success.

It was great, really great!  

This truth can be applied to the whole world.

Unless we can learn to love each other, and get along together without destroying so much of what we have built by great effort in the past, we will have no future anyway.

Love is the central need of the entire human race, of each and every human being on this planet. It is fundamental to our future survival.

Without an overwhelming presence of love in our lives they become meaningless.

Happily, there is Love available to suffice for all our need, the only limitation is in our own reluctance to embrace, receive and become a conductor for love to flow through our selves. Love is the key to a secure future for the human race.

Many people are enticed by battery cell powered vehicles, and those who are lucky enough to daily enjoy a Californian sun, will no doubt see the reasonableness of such a line of design concept and thought.

I do not dissent or rail against anyone who consciously buys such a vehicle in a genuine endeavour to improve our living environment.

However, there is a problem that no-one seems to have addressed in their headlong rush to environmental political correctness. And I’m not talking about comparatively inadequate motive power, or vastly reduced range of compass.

It is that is that these cells are in the main, very hazardous to dispose of at the end of their life. Extremely so in very many cases, if not all.

This simple fact is completely overlooked, by green enthusiasts and indeed kept very quiet by those who have a financial investment in promoting these technologies to potential consumers.

Happily, once again there is a lasting solution to a debilitating problem.

 http://www.autobloggreen.com/2006/09/12/bmw-officially-annou nces-the-bmw-hydrogen-7/

 http://www.geocities.com/hydrogenpower1/essays/main/hydrogen .html

“Water is the coal of the future. Water decomposed by electric power is the
energy of tomorrow. For an indefinite period of time, the elements of water
decomposed in this way, hydrogen and oxygen, will provide the earth
with energy.”

Jules Verne: “The Mysterious Island”, 1874

Please read this.

 http://www.bmwgroup.com/e/0_0_www_bmwgroup_com/unternehmen/p ublikationen/aktuelles_lexikon/_pdf/3wasserstoff.pdf

This is the 5th generation of hydrogen power, and if you can tell a difference in drive then you are a better driver than most of the very best.


I would like to see the oil industry (I do not wish to see anyone out of work) do more to re-tool to refine and supply this important alternative power source. And yes, there are hydrogen refuelling stations beginning to open in certain parts of Europe.

Ultimately it is a political issue.

The scientific and engineering solution is already available. Thanks to many colleagues of mine who have been working hard on this for a very long time.

You will be able to order a 7 Series in California that runs on hydrogen power in 2007. A production model.

In 2008 Honda will introduce (they hope) a hydrogen vehicle in California.

Far better surely, than just making many Arab nations so very, very wealthy?

And all that comes out of the exhaust pipe is water vapour……

We must recognise and applaud the chairmen and directors who have had the vision and foresight to provide investment and funding, that has sustained development of such technologies against the variance and storms of fickle fashion.

Indeed, I can inform you that ‘U-Boat technology’ is actively encouraged by some great visionary industrial leaders, where the cleverest and best brains can work at developing whatever they believe in, and the directors really don’t even have a clue what the guys are working on.

We have a number of such very secret projects that even we don’t know what they are about.

We need an all encompassing approach, that doesn’t stilt on the chance that giving someone their head might cost us a little, or even a lot.

Isn’t that great in this ‘conglomerate’ age?

Oh if only the music industry could take a leaf from this book!

Another pal of mine led the team that developed powder paint for industrial application.

 http://www.bmwgroup.com/bmwgroup_prod/e/nav/index.html?http:  //www.bmwgroup.com/bmwgroup_prod/e/0_0_www_bmwgroup_com/home /home.html

When a product is sprayed any normally wasted overspray is in this process recycled for reuse, harmful extremely volatile emissions (Paint thinners traditionally are emitted into the atmosphere from factories from chimneys) are hugely reduced or eliminated altogether.

Regardless they are far more benevolent to the environment.

Water born materials have improved the situation a great deal but powder paint is a quantum step forward. The current state of the art.

But there are other process’s that contribute beneficially too.

IPP process’s that combine surfacer under coating with base coat colour further reduce the levels of harmful output of volatile emissions.

A short while ago I was at a nearby plant when Gordon Brown (our likely next Prime Minister) visited. They have implemented this technology at that plant.

“At Plant Oxford the paint shop has been working with a new and extremely efficient paint process since the beginning of this year. This innovative new technology, “Integrated Paint Process” (IPP), allows the elimination of the applying and baking of the primer-surfacer layer. The primer-surfacer function is transferred to one of the two newly developed base paint layers. In the wet-on-wet application of the two layers, the first layer assumes all functions and characteristics of the primer-surfacer coat, whereas the second base paint layer ensures optical qualities such as colour, effect and depth.

IPP allows the elimination of the solvent based primer-surfacer, and allows reductions in emissions and energy consumption in the paint shop of over 10 per cent to be made.”

Such a Plant consumes vast amounts of energy. 10% is a significant contribution at one single stroke.

Ford I can happily tell you are working on a Wet on Wet on Wet paint process that layers all the paint processes one upon another in an even more efficient process including the clear coat lacquer.

But they have yet to make it work……???

Great and good industries are working very hard to be completely responsible in their protection of the environment and invest hugely in recycling and ensuring their product can be almost completely recycled at the natural end of its life.

Just a few miles from my home, scientists, some of whom are neighbours and friends, nuclear physicists, are busy trying to harness the power of the driving force of the sun to find an unending source of power that is benevolent to our natural environment.

This explain it…



There are some other remarkable buildings


It looks like a space ship has landed doesn’t it?


As you can imagine, I could write for a long time about a great many interesting aspects of these subjects. Particularly as three of my nearest neighbours are nuclear physicists working on this project.

If they are successful there will be an infinitely renewable energy available that is benevolent to our planet. I hope that you find this interesting and indeed inspiring, and uplifting.

However there is a problem, as I see it that at some point will need to be addressed.

Undoubtedly the western world has its pollution problems to address, and America has a great deal of soul searching to do in this regard. Among the population and not least in the political sphere, regardless of which party is in power.

But throughout the globe, there are newly emerging economies that have the power to undo the good that many countries are striving to accomplish. India, China with Russia and a few other nations are vast past polluters and threaten to become more so in the future, especially those that are regarded as ‘Tiger’ economies. Their political hierarchies mean that ‘solutions’ can be implemented for economic growth very easily at the expense of the environment, in a way that would meet huge resistance if attempted in the west.

That cheap product that seems such good value may be costing far, far more than you will ever really know. Learn about the companies you buy from.

Their outlook, policies and process’s.  Their ideologies and practices.

If you cannot find out anything about such things perhaps they don’t have any?

If you cannot be bothered to use a Google search to find out, shame on you! But try to spend your money where you know it won’t do any harm. And together we can all make a difference in this every time we make a purchase.

I like Hillary Clinton’s views about this that we are in a Global Village. We all have a backyard of our own which it is our responsibility to look after. If each person in the world does what they can to keep their own backyard really tidy.

Taken together, we can manage to clean up the whole world.

Brad Blackwood
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Re: Hooray For BMW in leading the race for fuel efficient cars!
« Reply #4 on: November 27, 2006, 03:50:09 PM »


Socially responsible.....

VAAARRRROOOOOOOOMMMMM down the fukken autobahn....all eight cylinders lightin up....

Sorry no links but I did talk to an exquieuiste chap that once knew someone who worked at BMW who once vomited on his cat and then we all ate some venison with caviar while lighting our farts through our velvet pants and washed the whole mess down with sactimonious piss from the crack of Hillary's red ass....

lemme nough...

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Re: Hooray For BMW in leading the race for fuel efficient cars!
« Reply #5 on: November 27, 2006, 07:09:35 PM »

Wow BB, that's f'n amazing. Thanks for posting that. I love companies like that.
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Re: Hooray For BMW in leading the race for fuel efficient cars!
« Reply #6 on: November 29, 2006, 07:04:06 PM »


Unless we can learn to love each other, and get along together without destroying so much of what we have built by great effort in the past, we will have no future anyway.

this is a key concept.

there are people who are born into this world with the very real desire to destroy the past.

they are the people who see war as a way of realizing their ambitions, destruction as an expression of freedom and nothingness as the state of peace..

The key to us more evolved and SUPERIOR human beings is to never let someone like the above get into a position of power.

love is the answer to make the majority happy.

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