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Author Topic: General question about employing a design firm  (Read 1233 times)

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General question about employing a design firm
« on: November 11, 2006, 10:08:45 am »

Firstly a quick apology for being anonymous.

I'm a regular poster on these forums under a different name.

However I'm thinking of leaving the studio where I'm working and setting up my own studio. Until any decisions are made or contracts signed, my employer can't know about it, hence my need for anonymity.

My plan is to buy a business unit which is just an empty space, and to build a mastering studio inside the shell. The kind of unit i'm thinking about would be about 8 x 10 meters with about 8 meters height. So I think that's a good size to be able to work with.

My questions is to Francis or any other reputable acoustical designers who might read this:

I would like to know about different ways of working with a designer. I'm based in mainland Europe, but i'd like to work with a U.S. designer, because it seems to me the best mastering studios are in the U.S. Or possibly one from the U.K. like Munro.

Obviously in such a situation the distances and travelling costs prohibit the designer having any kind of hands on role or any possibilty to oversee the construnction.

So what are the different ways of working in this situation? Could FM Design or other design firms supply complete plans including complete lists of building material and airco designs?.......would these be ready to hand over to a contractor?

Can these designers work with different budgets?

Are there ways of designing rooms that could be more do it yourself? I'm pretty handy in D.I.Y. and would like to do as much work myself as possible to save money, while being aware that some jobs need to be done by professionals.

And how would one go about getting a rough idea of price, without getting too heavy into the process?

If anyone is interested in this, or has some ready made blurbs or other info they could email to me, that would be great:


Or please give me some general advice if you have some experience in this area.

thanks for reading!


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Re: General question about employing a design firm
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2006, 12:36:19 am »

If you are inclined to discuss to the procedures and possibly costs for a specific design project, please feel free to contact me directly at email addresses available on our website. We do work with folks on all range of budgets... Our only real requirements, is that clients have a realistic expectation for their budget. In other words, don't expect to build a $500K studio for $50K and ask us to design it... Talk is cheap and I'm always willing to talk. Feel free to contact us...
Francis Manzella - President, FM Design Ltd.
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