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How Well Does the Alesis AI-4 Work?

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I'm planning to connect a certain blue-faced AD/DA unit to a DAW interface with an ADAT connection.  The converter unit has AES XLR I/O, so I was considering using the Alesis to interface the converter with the DAW.

My question is-does the AI-4 operate as a single purpose computer, such that it does this conversion more or less perfectly, or will it somehow degrade the signal?

Also, are there units which do a better job of this?


My understanding of the unit and of transferring digital signals from one format to another (AES <--> ADAT <-->SPDIF) is that once the signal is digital that no harm is done to it by such transfers provided that the proper connections with the appropriate cabling are made.

something just sounds wrong to me about running a lavry into an Alesis.

Tomas Danko:
danickstr wrote on Sun, 05 November 2006 18:38
something just sounds wrong to me about running a lavry into an Alesis.

Why, if it's digital and transparent should it matter? Other than having to stare at a "lesser logo".

Thomas I would honestly like to think it makes no difference but it seems that every time I assume something is transparent (like a cable) it turns out it is not.  I would not use a Hosa cable out of a 1073 into the board because I know it is not going to perform well.  How does this apply to digital?  I ahve yet to see a librarian that did not put something in the wrong place every now and then, and in this case I mean bits.  Theory = no problem.  Reality = some kind of problem in execution.  

Should a hard drive write data perfectly? Yes, but it does not always do it.  The throughput device has to move a lot of data quickly through its multiple ports and I guess my first question would be how well regulated is its power supply.  

Well these are just a few thoughts about the jitters of digital data crunching.  Could be I am completely wrong.  Dan would know better than I how much these factors are able to affect the sound.

I do hope Dan chimes in here since I think this is a valid issue - converting the AES digital from a box into lightpipe for a board.


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