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AKG Serial Number Dating

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billy straus:
Another iteration of this serial number question is that I am in possession of a 414EB w/CK12 that appears to have no serial number at all. I bought this fairly recently and am very happy with the mic but just realized this seeming anomaly as I am looking at another example as a possible purchase and went to see if the s/n's might be close.

Are there known examples of 414EB's w/o serial number..? I suppose maybe if one part of the case was changed, either the yoke or the cover, it's possible the s/n was lost...?



Klaus Heyne:
Your guess was right:
the whole mic frame comes in one piece, including the XLR barrel which bears the serial number (nicely shown on your third picture.) I own several 414 EB frames as spare parts- no serial number.

By the way: outstanding pictures!

Yes, great photographs. Is that natural light?

billy straus:
Ahhhh,  wish I could take credit for the pics, but I cannot!

I think this is not natural daylight, but rather a well crafted studio setup by someone with excellent lighting chops. I will ask him though.

compasspnt wrote on Thu, 06 January 2011 07:50
Yes, great photographs. Is that natural light?


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