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Is G.A.S. destroying modern records?

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Waltz Mastering:
Jerry Tubb wrote on Sun, 15 November 2009 06:31
Waltz Mastering wrote on Thu, 12 November 2009 22:17
Jerry Tubb wrote on Fri, 06 November 2009 22:49

Nick & I both retubed our Manley VariMu's today... a warm experience.

Curious to hear what kind/s of tubes you went with?
Was going to order a set soon. Any suggestions?

We just went with a coupla sets of these:


Some of them were 1980's NOS, some Russian EH.

After the installation procedure, tweaking, burn-in, and retweak,
a noticeable improvement in sound, a little more clarity, a less little mushy.
Naturally keeping the old tubes for spares.

Cheers - JT

Thanks,  That looks like the best bet.

Jerry Tubb:
Hank Alrich wrote on Sun, 15 November 2009 18:28
There is a difference between working hard and surrendering to complexity. I spent a long, extremely hardworking, damn near grueling session with Jerry Tubb this past Thursday. We worked our asses off getting 16/44.1 and 24/96 and mp3's together for a 10 song album of folk music burdened by a tight dealine. The work was in trying this or that in the face of whatever little problem faced us, while maintaining cheerful focus for hours, and hours, assessing the effect of tiny changes to settings.

The chain, however, was not elaborate and it could deliver anything we could reasonably expect to accomplish to help the final result. More would not have been better, in this case.

When it was all in, it had a touch of this, a tiny bit of that, etc. Those little changes begat a large and positive result overall.

Yes it was a long euphoric day... whew!

Don't remember another where I generated as many formats.

24/96 all the way down to 192k mp3.

A simple effective quality chain, no plug-ins.

Having such a talented group of artists, with a live in-studio performance as a reference... wow!

A day like this... affirm it's the best job in the world.

All the Best - JT

Hank Alrich:

That was revelatory, playing live acoustic music in your mastering suite. Man, does that show off the excellent acoustical properties of the room. Shaidri immediately noticed how beautifully balanced the sound was.

That was her first experience with mastering, and she came away fascinated by the whole process. I think that's a good sign. <g>

Thomas W. Bethel:
I know this is an old topic but recently I have noticed that G.A.S. seems to be less prevalent that in days past. I think one difference is the economy and the other is that more and more people are doing ITB processing. Any others here have thoughts??? about where this is now compared to 2006 when the topic started.


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