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Author Topic: And yet another Threat on Cheap Mics  (Read 11329 times)


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Re: And yet another Threat on Cheap Mics
« Reply #30 on: February 24, 2007, 04:16:55 PM »

vegas4ever wrote on Wed, 04 October 2006 15:13

I know I'm asking for a beating but, after reading the new Tape op, and there article on K35 againts the U87 and the K35 leading on most situations, I got curious and call a couple of friends one with a Rode Tube something, another had the U87 and another a T149, and we did blind test all night well not to brag but the K35 came on top 8 of the 12 trials.  

Man, I'm not surprised at all.  Here is MY story - I bought a Coles 4038 to go w/my Great River 1nv for recording trumpet...well, I HATED IT!!!  Then, I tried other mics I had in my studio  (Oktavas, Sennheisers, Rode tube, the new Hail PR40, etc.) the best of the lot was the Sennheiser 441, but still none really impressed me. Then, I bought a "lowly" $59 Samson CO1 to use on minor percussion...well, I tried the trumpet on it and IT BEAT THE PANTS OFF OF ALL THE OTHER "PROFESSIONAL" MICS!!!

Would NOT believe it unless I lived it....go figure!
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