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Author Topic: word clocks - current example.  (Read 5719 times)


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word clocks - current example.
« on: September 16, 2006, 12:54:51 PM »

Hello everyone. Smile

Let me start by saying i'm very grateful that Mr Dan Lavry and all you other technical gurus take the time to post in here. This site with Mr Lavry's posts, papers and tutorials, and everyone else's contributions, has been an amazing resource; it has allowed me to better understand the workings of my setup and to configure it optimally (I think!). So i must say a very big Thank you to everybody!! Smile

Liberal use of the 'search' function has meant that i've not had to annoy anyone with my posts, but recently i made some major changes to my setup, and i'm hoping one of you gurus could help me and see if i'm correctly understanding word clock implementation.  A smack up the side of my head will let me know i'm off!

The main thing i'm trying to do is to hook up my PT system consisting of a 192IO and a SyncIO with my digital mixer, a Sony DMX-R100. The PT hardware and the mixer are about 7 meters apart, the cable run length will end up being about 10 meters or 32.8 feet.

I understand that during AD conversion, it is best to clock off the converters internal clock. When having to sync multiple chassis, "WC is king". When distributing WC, it is best to start off with a master, and using 'T' BNC relays, link the gear in sequence, terminating with the last link in the chain.

With that in mind, the optimal layout i have figured would be;

SYNCIO WC out to DMX WC in. Terminated with mixer's 75ohm switch.

DMX WC out to SYNCIO WC in. SyncIO internally terminated.

My rational for this set up;

When i'm using the the 192's ADs, i make it the master. i tap the WC from the SYNCIO, and send that to the mixer. When i have to use the mixer's AD exclusively, i make it the master and send WC from it to the SYNCIO. If i have loads of inputs and have to use both, then i'll make either master and slave the other.

My questions;

!) does this make sense?

ii) The distance between the hardware, is it a concern for a 75ohm WC signal? What would be the maximium recomended distance for WC?

iii) i have the option of using AES black. would that be better in this case?

iv) Is having both the WC ins & outs of the mixer and SYNCIO connected at the same time a good idea?

v) PT hardware 'loop sync's. I'm thinking even thou the 192 is master, i can tap the same clock signal from the SYNCIO. Am i wrong?

I'm sorry for such a long post and if i'm asking questions i should know the answer to. Any thoughts, comments, opnions, suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you! Smile


kelvin singh
audio engineer
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