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Author Topic: ADAM monitors - your opinion  (Read 5899 times)

Tomas Danko

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Re: ADAM monitors - your opinion
« Reply #15 on: September 20, 2006, 06:12:14 PM »

yngve hoeyland wrote on Fri, 08 September 2006 14:43

We'll be buying the ADAMs from the danish retailer - he also covers Norway. Maybe he's got Sweden too? Dunno. You'll find him through ADAM's offical site. When I spoke to them today our man mentioned he had a pair of demo s3a's that he'll sell cheap. Maybe you should get in touch?

Anyway, I think you'd struggle to find a place that retails both larger ADAM and Genelc series monitors - AND that has a listening facility.

The deal we've worked out is great - we borrow the s5a's for two weeks, and I've got a friend who will lend me his genelec "range" in the same time period. Which, in turn, means I get to do a comparison - in the room that the monitors is being bought for. Nice!

As the story continues I found a place to A/B Genelec 8040's and various ADAMs to the point that I no longer consider Genelec an option.

The problem now is to find out is the S3As are so much better than the P33As, or if the S2As or S2.5As has got enough low end and oomph to beat the P33As all in all.

So now I'm stuck until some place decides to order a couple of new models for their demo room.

Ah, thinking about that. I will be staying in Calgary for a while next month, anyone with a studio and ADAM's nearby? Smile
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yngve hoeyland

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Re: ADAM monitors - your opinion
« Reply #16 on: September 23, 2006, 05:51:16 PM »

Has anyone actually used both P33 and S3a models? Please share your thoughts if you have. I might buy a pair of s3a's for my own writing room, but if the P33's are as good then why spend the extra money?
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Yngve Hoeyland
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