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Author Topic: Wump - 23, Mastering Techniques  (Read 18938 times)


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Re: Wump - 23, Mastering Techniques
« Reply #30 on: July 22, 2011, 12:30:31 PM »

needed some "room". bass needed to be thinned where there was overlap. cymbals tamed subtly. vox brought a little more out front.

prescribed treatment:

upsamp to 96 via izotope.

k-stereo max depth, mid width. -1 mid, +2 side, LC 145.
brought to the or for surgery:
made a deep and thin notch at 107, about -9 on the mid-channel, to thin out the resonant bass freqs, gain a little bandwidth. pretty close to 107 is where there was already a dip in the spectrum, so it seemed the most non-invasive and worked rather nicely. i couldn't find the right place without running an fft at 256k window length (mri with contrast). also a -2db, q2 bell at  7200 on mid channel to smooth it out a little. added a 4-pole HPF at 15 Hz to make the subs more stable and clear.

patient was cold and a little pale after this. added some color with colortone at the vmoo IR with 15 on warmth, 1.2 on color, 3a window mode, no trim.

to aid in convalescence, i used some glue via waves puigchild 670 at time const 5, thresh 0.9. input to meters barely twitching, max gr just a hair past 1.

fortified the diet with waves puigtec EQP1a, boost 4.5, atten 1 at 30 cps to give it some balls and some beef for the the kick; boost 3, atten 0 at 3 kcs to bring out the overtones in vox and axe. just overall vitality.

noise redux and de-click at the end via izotope.

downsamp via izotope.

limit via izotope, to max 1.5 gr at intelligent 2 release mode, character 3.5, inter-sample clip checked.

fade in/out with wavelab. cut off the extra fat at the end on a 75 fps marker, assuming final destination is cd.

tpdf dither to 16.

final save.

to do again, i would change the k-stereo to low-mid width, +1 mid, -2 or -3  side.
i would have ran the 670 to almost 2 gr max, and limiter to a 2 gr max, with same settings on the other parameters. i believe these changes in my treatment of it would bring it closer, without becoming a carbon copy, to the standards that seem to have been established in this group.

thanks again. :)
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