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Author Topic: Inexpensive Vocal Treatment Needed  (Read 5087 times)


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Inexpensive Vocal Treatment Needed
« on: August 31, 2006, 10:22:54 pm »

I am recording and mixing in an 11'X 11' spare bedroom with an 8' ceiling and a carpeted floor.  The room is not treated at all.  I am recording vocals with an SM57 into an RNP and acoustic guitar into an SM81 into the RNP.  The RNP goes directly into a Digi001 and PTLE.  When I have the money I will get some 703 for bass traps and more 703 and/or foam for wall treatment.  

For now I am looking for an inexpensive solution to isolate the vocal and guitar (usually overdubbed separately from each other) from these 2 problems:


Mac G4 fan noise

Flutter echo

Possible Solutions:

I have read about some inexpensive treatments out there and am wondering which of these you think might be effective for the short term.

* Vocal Booth built with PVC pipe and moving blankets

* 4 used 6' X 5' temporary room dividers on feet positioned in a square (I think these have 703 inside of them)

* Build a box lined with foam that would mount on the mic stand that the vocal mic would sit inside of.  Reflections from the rear and sides would be blocked.

* Move the Mac into the closet and run the cords under the door.  This doesn't help the flutter echo though.

* Quilts on the walls. I know this does nothing for bass frequencies.

Any advice would be appreciated.  I just sent my son back to college, so studio $ are pretty slim right now.


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