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Let's start real small---amp rooms

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I recently built two amp iso rooms into the corners of my big room, they are 7'-4" high, 7'-8 wide at the back tapering to 6'-0" at the front and roughly 8'-0" deep tapering up to 9'-4".

So two walls have a 90 and the others are at least 7 degrees off. the floor and ceiling are parallel.

The amps sit on the back wall aiming toward the door and I have 1.5" 703 on the back and 90 degree side wall. I'm hearing a ring from the Gypsum ceiling to the concrete floor which gets better with packing blankets but I'm looking for a  more imaginative solution than carpet on the floor and 703 on the ceiling.

Or is the obvious the way to go?


Amp rooms (or niches) are generally too small to try and develop any type of a "sound" inside. I would generally suggest (keep it simple...) dead is the way to go. You are close miking and a "signature sound" from a small drywall box isn't what people are usually looking for. You can buy that sound in any number of cheap reverbs (and plugs) and add it later!!!

I'd go with a thicker application of 703... say at least 4" on a couple of the surfaces so you don't get so much low midrange mub inside. The 1 1/2" thick stuff isn't gonna do too much below 1K....

Mub---- I like that.

Good point about dead being the way to go, I just needed rooms for those crazy emo/metal bands to be able to put their amps and not have the snare sing along the whole time. Dead for them is great, and the big room sounds so much better now overdubs with room mics "have a sound."


I wish is wasn't a typo!! I like it too  


A new term is born.

And we were there.


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