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U67 connector availability and replacement solutions

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Dusk Bennett:
Klaus (or whomever),
I have two 67's which have disintegrated inline cable connectors. The metalwork is still in fine shape but the bakelite connector inside (on the female mount end) which keeps the mic in place on the stand has cracked and allows the microphone to rotate upwards of 90 degrees (it is causing the wires to keep snapping off the pins when twisted). Where can I obtain replacement connectors that will be compatible with my existing (original) housing?

If not is there any way to repair the connectors I have?

Klaus Heyne:
I answered this question a few months back in a similar post.

You have three choices:

Either find one of the extremely rare and expensive U67 female connectors
EVERYONE: please let us know where you last found one of the U67 female Tuchels, and how much you paid!


Replace the male Tuchel inside the mic with the M269/M249 male, and replace the cable female also with an equivalent M2xx connector,


Remove the female U67 connector in the power supply, transfer it to the female cable end, and replace power supply female and cable male with equivalent M2xx connectors.

Both, the M249 and U67 connector inserts are identical in dimension and pin function, except that in the U67 connector pin #1 is off-set by 10

Dusk Bennett:
Thanks Klaus, I had a feeling you were going to tell me that. I like your idea of using the working one from the PSU. I didnt think about that.

Zep Dude:
If I'm understanding correctly you need the tuchel connecter (on the cable) that connects into the U67?

I got one from Senheisser for $28.  You will have to dremmel the key slot because the vintage U67's tuchel's were about 30 degrees different.  These are the closest things they can source.  My tech did the dremmeling and it works perfectly.

Sennhieser part #
us09-0042-00-07 female
us09-004-00-07 male

Good Luck,


Klaus Heyne:
I disagree that using an M 2xx female and modifying it is a good, permanent solution.  

You not only have to rout out the channel at exactly 10


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