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if you were traveling to cut a record, what would you take with you, if anything?

Speakers/amp and whatever else the destination didn't have that I needed.

Typically, that ends up being my iLok, a couple of favorite microphones and a compressor or two.

dang, that's a lot of stuff.  mainly speakers and amp.

i was thinking, trusted headphones, and my laptop.  HAHAHA

what mics would you take?

Well again, it depends on what's available at the destination.  I trust my speakers, and unfortunately, they're not powered. So if there's no suitable monitor amp to use, I must bring mine.
Of course, I've done simpler projects with my 003 and laptop and headphones, so whatever works, I guess.

As far as mics, it totally depends upon the project, but I've got a road case that fits almost all my mics, so if I'm going to bring one, I may as well bring several.

things that usually carry with me:
some decent xlr cable
some bantam cable
esoteric adapters
a royer SF12
a vintage AKG 224
(both microphones because they are hard to find in the vast majority of studios of my country)
a Countryman D.I. Box
trusty headphones
Firewire / USB hard drives
paper and pencil
and if I have to mix, usually I get my vintage tape delays


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