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This is the material we use all the time for decoupling larger speakers. Calculator is easy to use... note, yes loudspeakers have front-back movement, but the static load is presented along the line of the center of gravity which is typically up and down. The pads will be in compression from the static load along the line of the center of gravity. The calculator will help you determine the amount of compression but I typically start out at around 20%....


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Neat link & calculator Fran! Thanks.

It's just funny to see how depending on where you are in the world, we use more or less the same techniques but the "names" and "brands" are different. How many times have I heard from salesman while ordering specific materials "Oh, our product is much better than what you guys got in (-- insert country name here --)" just to discover it's the exact same thing and sometimes even produced in the same factory.

Like DVD players.

Good times :)

good times... 8)

Great answers thank you all.
I'm ok with the math on this one, though ta T.
The calculator is a little reminder for me to get Windows going on my iMac.
I am about to get some Sorbo the Magnificent to go between my ADAM S3A's and Towersonic stands.
An EU source?

When needed, I buy custom built (from my specifications) mounts from my local manufacturer (not sorbothane)


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