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Good mid-ish-priced mastering engineer recommendations?

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Sean McDonald:

--- Quote from: BobSchwenkler on June 03, 2011, 05:31:04 PM ---My work is starting to get to the point where the folks I'm working with are willing and able to take our mixes to get some good quality mastering work done.

--- End quote ---
Id highly recommend both Brad Blackwood and Dave Collins.
Both guys are at the top of their game, affordable, and very easy to work with.

I haven't worked with Brad Blackwood, but he mastered some tracks I did with my old band after I left said old band...and the mastering work was excellent.

I've only ever worked with Greg Reierson at Rare Form Mastering here in Minneapolis and he's always ALWAYS ALWAYS saved my ass.  :)

His rates are really reasonable, he's always been great to work with, and he turns out top-quality work.

Roger Seibel is IMO pretty reasonable with his rates; I've had unsigned bands go with him and manage the expense.

Otherwise TJ Lipple here in the D.C. area is my go-to. He does good work, he's reliable, and an overall cool guy personally and in his musical aesthetic. His band Aloha is a good starting point (Home Acres is the most recent I believe.)]

For a little more modern/aggressive (not in a smashed pop radio sense, just in a little more punch and top end) Harris at Grey Market in Montreal has been reliably making clients happy as well.


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