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Good mid-ish-priced mastering engineer recommendations?

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My work is starting to get to the point where the folks I'm working with are willing and able to take our mixes to get some good quality mastering work done. The studio rate is $450/day (engineer included), so I suppose I'm looking for someone who's accessible to people who are paying a rate like this. I actually am not that in on what mastering rates are like.

Another basic thing I'm looking for aesthetics-wise is someone who appreciates the sonic value of albums that don't sound overly loud, thin, poppy, "radio ready", insert your own adjective. As a reference, some albums that fit this bill for me include Daniel Lanois' stuff done with Adam Samuels (Shine and later, I think. No mastering credit on Shine) and Laura Veirs' more recent albums, by Roger Seibel at SAE.

I'd also love to work with someone who'd be willing to share a few words post-mastering and give me some feedback about my mixes.

I've cross-posted this on the PRW forum as well. Let me know if this is an issue. Thanks!

my recommendation list i send to clients that ask me, goes exactly like this.

in no particular order, i recommend the following ME's.

Brad Blackwood - Euphonic Masters, Memphis, TN
Dave Collins - Dave Collins Mastering, LA, CA
Dave McNair - Sterling Mastering, NYC, NY

i can't quote rates for these guys, as i honestly don't know them.  however, the rest of your post is basically requesting a fairly (to highly) skilled ME (mastering engineer).  the size and scope of recording, overdubbing and mixing a band is so much larger then mastering.  even if hourly rates seem high to you, a great question to ask is how long it takes them to master a single song.  things vary for everyone, however most ME's can give you a decent ballpark.

hope this helps.

I think it's worth mentioning Dana at Specialized Mastering in Portland, OR.  ;-)

My go-to guy is Jeff Lipton, at Peerless Mastering in Newton, MA.

The guys from Masterdisk and Sterling here in NYC are very good and have "indie" pricing options.

I've also heard a lot of good affordable work out of West Side Mastering, and I like Paul Gold from Salt Mastering for cutting vinyl at a great rate.


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