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compasspnt wrote on Thu, 09 July 2009 18:01
Steve, a (perhaps hypothetical) question...

If you were called upon to recreate a master from two (or more) years ago, or to "just make this one little change" to such an "old" master, what would you now do?

•Drag out all the old stuff (if possible)
•Come as close as possible with your current chain
•Start over and do it "my way today"
•Other option


Well - I still have nearly all my masters and session files (including edit list files and 24bit captures from my analog process chain) and from the past few years from the start of my own studio as digital archives.  If the archive failed or was missing and I needed to recreate  a previous master exactly due to client request my "go to" processors as well as the converters have remained the same since I opened the studio - and since I have nearly all my recall notes from the past few years it should be possible to get extremely close to what existed before.  If there was an analog processor in my recall list that I don't have anymore (like the NTP's or the Filteks) I think I'd still be able to get close and more than likely even better the previous results.  And the processors I've modded still work the same - they just are cleaner and/or easier to recall now.  

If there were no recall notes either then I'd just as likely start over as I think I've learned a lot in the past few years experience here so I'm generally making better masters than when I first started working in here.  

If the change requested was relatively minor (i.e. re-editing, perhaps a small eq cut)  then it's possible that I would work off the previous 16-bit master and just do some additional digital processing as needed.

Anyway - I actually did receive a call recently where a former Europadisk client was looking for their DMM's - for this particular kind of request unfortunately they are s.o.l. as the lathe was auctioned off to the Scientologists and the old masters sold to a scrap dealer.

Best regards,
Steve Berson    

TotalSonic wrote on Thu, 09 July 2009 17:50
Some things have in fact remained the same but lots of things have changed.




Hey Brad, may I suggest this topic among the ones to be moved to the other side? There's some good stuff in here.

Me, I'm at the core of my chain right now, and things are beginning sound really, really good.

HEDD D/A -> LCEQ (passive+tubes) -> Barry Porter EQ -> Knif Pure Mu -> FCS P3SL -> HEDD A/D.

I know I want and sometimes even need a simple low/high EQ.. And I'm going to wrap the LCEQ around an optional M/S matrix+filter set. WIth compressors, I'm going to have to cook it for a while, but so far it feels like I'm about done.

The number of inserts is reducing to two with a "hidden" insert in between. This holds the core of my chain, the BPEQ and the Knif. I'm trying to minimize the amount of cable and switch contacts, and suddenly daisy-chaining some stuff and taking stuff out with inserts instead of adding seems rationable to me.

Cubase Essential 4 (why would I need anymore than this?)

Almost all the time for dance/club music it's something like:

PSP Neon HR (usually FAT + HI RES)
GSSL DIY BUILD w/ API style TONE control mod and sidechain HPF
MEP250 inspired DIY BUILD w/ stepped everything, joint stereo

Or variations of the above without stuff "in" if the mix doesn't need it.

Often for acoustic stuff, and sometimes for the rock stuff, I'll compress 1 or 2 dB with Oxford Dynamics, but often I won't if it's acoustic and just "use the headroom" when coming back into the DAW to gain and do any more I need with the Elephant with a dB or two of gain reduction if it sounds good.


2xFOCAL SOLO 6be Nearfields


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