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So, what's your typical chain? Is it too much? Not enough? How often do you change it up? Are you looking to change any part of it?


bblackwood wrote on Fri, 23 June 2006 04:37
So, what's your typical chain? Is it too much? Not enough? How often do you change it up? Are you looking to change any part of it?


Sequoia loaded source ->Optional eq plug->d/a DAC1->Manley Massive  ->Millenia Twincom ->Mytek 24/96 ->Sequoia.
All powered by Equitech balanced power (Oregon product!)

As I'm working, I will sometimes have the Sequoia in software fx mode so I can listen to the results of any post recapture plugs that might be of use later.
What I do works for my market. I currently only have one primary outboard comp and eq, so of course I hope to eventually "diversify".   There are a couple pieces I'd like to add just for the alternatives available. Advertising "panel with Weiss Logo" just doesn't cut it....
My last job I had lots of great gear (Z-sys, Sontec, etc) , but still kept the chain in use fairly simple. I find that the more I put in the chain, the harder it is to keep perspective regarding what it was I set out to do. I'd say that my present setup has been good for me in general.

Adding a picture of my lab here: http://rusbymastering.com/Lab.aspx

Ged Leitch:

Cool idea for a thread!

All digital and ITB here>>>

My usual chain was>>>

Samplitude -

Waves Desser

URS Mix EQ (Two instances for more bands)

Voxengo Marquis compressor (Very versatile fullband Comp!)

Waves L2 / Timeworks limiter (L2 when I need it clean as possible, Timeworks when the customer wanted more level)

I have just recently been using a new chain

Better results IMO

New chain>>>

Spitfish Desser or Waves

PLPar EQ ( Lin phase or IIR sounds superb IMO, and it does M/S)

Voxengo Marquis compressor

Desser again but at about 1 to 2db only if at all needed.

Endorphin (soft saturation + Level)

This may seem a lot but i dont use them all the time, but recently have had mixes that had severe *Digititus*

If money were no object i'd have to get myself the OCL-2
and the TC system 6000, cause after hearing them on some mixes i was like....MMMmmmm...


I'm always trying new approaches.

Probably cause I'm tyring to make do with digital.

I think things would be a lot simpler with  1 really expensive eq and compressor and that's it.
But i tend to leave my latest chain set up and throw what I'm working on straight into it, adjust to taste.

My chain seems to have settled on the following for most jobs:

Plugins - maybe
Weiss EQ1mk2
Weiss DS1mk2
D/A (Benchmark DAC1)
Thermionic Culture Phoenix
Lundahl L/R to M/S
Cranesong Ibis
Lundahl M/S to L/R
Cranesong Hedd A/D
Cranseong Hedd processing
Limiter plugin

Obviously not everything is used all the time.

I'd like to add an analog router like the Crookwood or SPL.



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