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Author Topic: something i'm finally proud of  (Read 1626 times)

grizzly joe

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something i'm finally proud of
« on: June 16, 2006, 10:09:33 pm »

last weekend i recorded something that i am finally proud of.  i just recently purchased pro tools m powered, a firewire 18/14, and some monitors, so that's probably part of why i'm proud of how it sounds... i'd like to share it with everyone here and see what they think.  it is the last song that my band played before we split.

here it is

now i'll tell you some info about how we recorded it.

shure beta 52 on kick
shure sm57 on snare
overheads were a pair of "sterling audio" (AKA groove tubes ripoff) ST30's... i believe?  they don't sound bad, but they sure are cheapos.

for my guitar part, i used a gibson sg standard through a marshall JCM Slash.  the jcm slash went through a marshall 1960 4x12 lead cabinet.
for the other guitar part, we used a fender american telecaster through the same amp..

we stereo miced the cabinet with a shure sm57, slightly off axis on the bottom right speaker.  the other mic was a groove tubes GT55 placed across the room.  

well... heh... we didn't have much for bass.  we used a fender precision bass directly into the firewire interface... with lots of eq and compression

i beat detected the drums and layered some samples over it, as you can hear...

let me know what you think.  
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