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--- Quote from: colinl on May 06, 2011, 07:02:30 PM ---lead gtr is too quiet, but maybe people just didn't like the part :D 
--- End quote ---

I liked the part but found the effects printed on it was a little out of time which made it cause the song to go a bit messy in parts, so only ended up bringing it in for certain lines that seemed to fit to me to still use it for the vibe.  I noticed in your mix though it worked really well.. out of interest did you have a dry part to use? 

I found the bass was a real challenge.. my initial mix is just woofing.  Also found it really hard to place the snare right for this track.. I did end up getting something I was happier with (ended up with a deeper plate) but unfortunately after the submission date. 

Thanks for the tracks, I really enjoyed mixing this song.. initially I was thinking it was easy but as I went along I felt I wasn't on the right track for this type of toon, trying to match sounds to the effects on the guitars, etc. to make it fit.

I'll try and get some comments up soon (although I feel totally unqualified to do so!)

The only fx added to my mix were a couple of all around verbs that I used sparingly on a bit of everything iirc, and one vocal verb/delay thing.  Any effects on the guitars were part of their pedal rigs and recorded directly to tape that way.  We intended the recording to be one of those completely live to tape deals, until we realized that it's actually really hard to get that right (especially on the 9 minute long prog-type song we did later in the session.. haha), and ended up doing a few overdubs :D  But we were definitely in the "get the sound you want now while tracking, not later in the mix" mindset. 

The lead guitar in the verse is using a looper/delay that has a reverse feature, he plays the delayed riff for the first half of the phrase, then hits the reverse button and the whole riff he just played gets played back in reverse, which is why it kind of sounds like someone rewinding tape or something..  we thought it sounded cool at least!

I know as soon as I got the transfers, one of the first things I did was to make the IMP .zip, so you have the same exact files I did.

alright back to it..

graham duncan: I really like this mix, it's hard to pick out anything wrong with it.  You cleaned up the dropout in the bridge really nicely. 

colinl:  I felt like I had a hard time getting the lead gtr to fit in anywhere sonically, but it seems like it came out alright.  Also felt like a real struggle to get anything out of the low end of the kick without making it sound like arse.

billybehdaz:  drum sound is real interesting.. did you use a bunch of the rooms?  Maybe too much overhead during the bridge.  But still really solid mix!

southboundloco:  I felt like the "main" gtr could come up a little in the intro and first verse.  Feels "flatter" than the other mixes to me, but I can hear everything just fine.  Love the repeated "alone" in the choruses, not so sure about the mega-tremmed out guitar in the drum dropout part. 

mcsnare:  kick sounds too stabby in the first verse but sounds fine later.  I like the snare verb.  I think the rack tom maybe jumping out a bit?  thats pretty nitpicky though.. 

boedoconstrictor:  that distortion on the lead guitar is neat!  I don't like it as much on the vocal though, and the vocal could come down a few dB.  This mix sounds very LOUD!  There's something a tad bit harsh in either the "main" or "more" gtrs. 

tim davis:  another attempt to make the intro more interesting :D  I like the chorus on the main gtr, maybe just back off it a couple clicks.  I like the drums.  vocal maybe 3 db too hot in the first half of the song.. not much.  can't decide whether the guitars should be a little more up front or not..  dropout part is very interesting :D 

demikeproductions:  almost pooped myself laughing at the vocal intro!!  I would have picked a different part to sample but the idea and execution are great!    gonna have to show this one to the singer..  I like that you halved the intro part too, thats really the most elegant solution I've heard yet.  I like how the guitars are swimmy, and like the little vocal delay effect additions.  Snare in chorus 1 sounds like a nine inch nails industrial snare.. kind of out of place.  Love the little high frequency ping pong bit flying around.  I like how much you went for it with this mix, it's certainly been the most adventurous of the lot.  It paid off too, sounds awesome.  Mind sharing any info on how you set up your reverbs?

walker:  Bass maybe a tad too loud?  I can hear everything though, it just seems to kind of stick out.  I like your work on the toms.  Guitars in the bridge could use some more low end I think. 

annnnd that's all of em!  Everyone post YOUR critiques too, if I remember correctly (been a while since I last IMP'd), if you posted a mix, you're supposed to post these!  If anyone has any questions about how things were recorded/gear/whatever, I'm happy to answer.

colinl, did you guys record this yourselves? was it tracked to tape? what do you play?

sorry about your intro.  ;D i liked it just fine but i must've been feeling impatient when i was mixing this, so it just got axed.

good critiques so far, i'll post mine later tonight.


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