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it was tracked by my friend aaron mccallister at great western record recorders.  It was tracked to 2" (GP9 on a studer A820).  I played the drums.  np bout the intro haha, its actually really fun seeing what everyone did with the song. 

That's one of the questions I meant to ask...whether this was tracked to tape.  I could definitely hear the noise on the drum tracks during the break.  Haven't heard tape hiss in quite some time!

Colini: btw, I only used the room mics for my drum mix.  Didn't use the overheads.  FYI. 


listening on good headphones, typing as i go...

j hall: kick's a little clicky in the first verse, but it's fine once everything kicks in. snare sounds good. good job de-clacking the bass. i could maybe use a little more of the guitars. maybe. nice work.

ITB: bass seems kinda loud in the beginning. the balance seems a little weird at first, but it gets better, the rocking section after the chorus sounds suitably, uh, rocking. i feel like the fast release on the drum compression is making the cymbals a little crazy?

NYC260: snare is a little muffly. vox could use a little midrange cut. i'd like to hear the main guitar louder, and i'd like some more action on the right side of the mix.

mplancke: woah super loud. you got some really serious phasing going on with those drums. the vocal harmonies are really nice, well done. mix gets kinda crackly at the end.

mine: first verse sucks, it's alright after that. seems a little dull overall. i agree the drums are kinda weak.

cmikk: with the right drugs this could be great. hi end seems a little crunchy.

Big Chief Awesome: interesting idea with the vox on the intro. cool guitar on the rocking section in the middle. it's all a little too mono for me,  on this one and cmikk's my left ear's saying 'hey what about me?'

oh..woah...cool dubby outro there, nice.

Duke: bass kinda loud/drums kinda soft at the beginning. vox delay a little distracting. hhmm, it's kinda murky and mono...get those guitars out to the sides!

Graham Duncan: good mix. i think if you're gonna have the lead up that loud in the middle section you need to do something cooler with it. other than that it's great.

colinl: i feel like the drums could be a little roomier/more bombastic sounding...seems a little too much of the close mics. i realize you are the drummer, heh.  guitars are cool, vox could maybe use a little midrange cut.

Billy Behdaz: drum compression is cool but maybe a little overdone. the kick sounds weird in the first verse, like its out of phase or something, but it seems fine later on.

southboundloco: snare's too smushed to me. the long vocal delay is a little distracting. i feel like the middle section's not rocking enough without that other guitar in there. woah crazy tremelo.

mcsnare: love the delay on the guitar in the intro. this snare seems too smushed as well. nice bass and vocals. i'd like to hear the guitars a bit brighter.

bodeoconstrictor: hhmm, the balance is good but it seems a little telephoney overall

tdavis: i don't think the extra vocal at the beginning really works. snare could be more upfront. or maybe the vocal's just too loud. woah, that breakdown is a little weird.

walker: i think the snare needs to be more upfront. vox sound a little congested.

DeMike: not sure about that drum sound. guitars sound cool in the middle section. i dig all the delay/ambient stuff, it could maybe be tucked in a little more.

alright. i need to not listen to this song for a little while now.

Awww! I knew I'd miss this one. I had the old forum as my homepage for a while and kinda gave up. Looking forward to #26. I'll be back in the saddle for that one.



--- Quote from: colinl on May 06, 2011, 07:02:30 PM ---
jhall: kick sounds almost too good for the rest of the tracks haha.. did you mix some samples in?  once the gtrs get loud it mixes in fine but it sound out of place in the first verse to me at least..  I can't hear the lead guitar anywhere past the first verse, but it seems like an intentional arrangement decision, am I right?  Everything else is great.. would you mind explaining some of the mindset behind that cool layered guitar sound?  love the vox fx as well.

--- End quote ---

yeah, i got rid of that guitar track.  too messy, just sucked the mix down, and was really distracting to me.

layered guitar sound?  didn't i just pan them out and crank em up?

vox FX moves between three different things.  verb, delay and pitch shifting.  it's also typical for me to have a fourth, distortion.

if you can get more specific i'm sure my answers will as well.


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