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Author Topic: Get it in writing - UK judgement in Barrett VS Universal / Bob Marley estate  (Read 630 times)


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Here is the full text of the judgement recently handed down in a big $$ court case concerning royalties between Aston Barrett (Bob Marley Bass player) and Universal Records / Marley Family..
makes for interesting reading. I can't believe its online, I guess thats how they do it in the UK?

Having read it, the following observations arise:

For Family Man Barrett its too bad he never physically signed the '74/'75 agreements he was named in,

It was not clear whether $ they were getting from Bob was money to keep them in the band / happy / a sideman retainer or a cut of their share from a partnership agreement.

The real coup de grace was the 90's settlement forfeiting all future claims,

It seems to me there was little hope for any other outcome than what the judge decided, which was to dismiss the claims.

The moral of the story is: get it in writing


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Part of the issues here is that it WAS in writing Re 90's settlement.
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