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Usually the guidelines state for everyone to upload the song on the day of submission.  Just wait for the thread to appear titled something like 'IMP25 Submissions'. 

Although some people host their file on their own site, we used to be able to upload it directly on the PSW site.. since J's indicated he can host the files this time, he may post instructions closer to Thurs for how to do it that way on the new forum.


you guys can upload mp3's to the FTP server on my site.  it just makes it harder to listen to them.  i'm completely fine with it though.

submission thread is up.  sorry it took me a minute.

only a few submissions thus far.  hope the forum change over didn't hurt our usual participation.....

I didn't see the tune posted until Tuesday afternoon - and there was no way I could get to it Wednesday. Sorry I missed out, but I'm enjoying the mixes that were posted. Next time, eh?


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