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OK, i have the song.  i've checked the ZIP, and everything is good.

here are the details



[email protected]

pass (case sensitive)

you have one week to mix the song.  next thursday, you submit.  if you're new to this, PLEASE read the "rules" thread and follow them.

LET IT BEGIN!!!!  or resume....however you see it.

forgot to mention, this is an FTP site.  you need FTP software to get on and off.  such as cyberduck for mac.

i can webserve the file as well if you guys want me to.

Scott Featherstone:
Thanks for doing this !  I just downloaded it and imported the files.All came through fine.

all web browsers have ftp built in, simply type in ftp.website.com

so ftp.thetarhythm.com

and a login box will popup

Big Chief Awesome:
"2 quick questions"

-I did a mix last night. What is the usual protocol, do I wait until Thursday to post it up or do I go ahead and post the mix up now for everyone to listen too? Or, am I even supposed to post it here publicly?

-Does anyone recommend an easy and not terribly intrusive free hosting site or something?

Thanks in advance!


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