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Author Topic: IMP (what it is, and what the rules are)  (Read 15980 times)


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IMP (what it is, and what the rules are)
« on: April 28, 2011, 01:53:27 PM »

IMP = Indie Mixing Project

We get a song from a band (generally donated by an engineer on the forums and with permission from the band). this is a multi-track. all the files are time aligned converted to 16bit 44.1 (or 48k) wavs. we use RAR data compression. from there, we put the files up on an FTP server that PSW has setup for this purpose. you login, download the ZIP, load it up in the DAW of your favorite flavor and mix the song.

The Rules:

You CAN:
edit to your heart's content
Copy, paste, cut, manipulate, whatever.
Sound Replacer (or whatever you use) is acceptable.
you can tune the vocal, create vocal harmonies based of existing vocal tracks.

you CAN NOT:
overdub anything.
i.e. do not overdub a background vocal, add a guitar part, synth pads, piano...blah blah blah. you HAVE to work with the tracks you are given with the exception of using drum samples.

The Goal

to break down the barrier of asking how to mix better on the internet from answers of "it depends" to "here is exactly what i did with the exact same tracks you have"

this way, we can all listen to each others mixes and ask each other questions about mixes we like and certain treatments we want to know how they were done.

The simulation

when an IMP is posted for download, you will have exactly one week (7 days) to mix the song. this is FAR more time then i am typically given as a full time working mixer. you can NOT upload your song and post it prior to the deadline, nor after the deadline. all the songs go up within the same day. the cut off is around midnight central standard time. you must host the song yourself, if that is not possible, the PSW FTP will be provided for hosting.

links must be entered into the "IMPx song submission thread"
ONLY song submissions go in this thread. there will be a separate thread for discussion. this keeps referencing the songs quick and simple and not cluttering up the submission thread with chatter.


Only i can ask for a recall. it is up to the mixer to agree to do a recall or not. do not feel obligated to do it.

The Server

the ZIP files will be located here, and you can choose to upload your mp3s (256kb/s) if you need to.


user: [email protected]
pass: Imp!234

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU ALLOWED TO USE ANY IMP SONG FOR ADVERTISING. NO MYSPACE!!! if this happens, the future of IMP will be jeopardized in that artist will not be able to trust me in keeping their material from random distribution of unapproved mixes.
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