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so, i'm still running the UAD TDM plugs.  if i change over to native, will my settings in each session pop-up on the native plugs seamlessly?  or do i have to save all the settings per song, per plug and "paste" them onto the new?

The latter. Even though they are the same "under the hood", they are different plugins, and so will not be recognized by pro tools as the same.

man, that really sucks.....

i'm still running PT 7.4 on a dual core PPC mac running Tiger.  i need to start brainstorming the upgrade.

new machine, new PT license, UAD cards....it starts to snowball.

anyway, my major hesitation (other then cash) is that my rig NEVER crashes. 

As far as crashing goes, I've been REALLY pleased with 9. Most stable version I've ever used.
What is it that you feel you're missing with 7? "Enhanced Resolution" mode in beat detective? Mini Grand?
Nothing wrong with sticking with what works.

Grant Craig:
+1 on PT9 being more stable than PT8.  I notice it only rarely crashes when I'm doing a lot of zooming in/out.  I can go weeks without a crash though...

You won't need more than a UAD2solo card for the amount of UAD plugins you use currently.  It will be more than sufficient.

Be careful with the idea of ditching HD cards.  Firewire Aurora with PT9 is a decent option, if your clients can deal with a bit of latency.  Doesn't bug me personally, but it'd be hard to run a 'pro' room with a moderate latency problem like that. 


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