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stevenson mixing consoles?

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Has anyone heard of stevenson consoles? They were built in 84.they were api's competitor supposidly

Kurt Foster:
Stevenson consoles, aka; Stevenson Interface (Interface Electronics), Manufactured in the late 70's/early 80's in Houston Texas. That's all I can find out about it. Check this page out

The is a guy here in Houston who probably knows something about the console.
He worked for years at LD Systems, his name was Bruce Coffman.
Call LD and ask for Tony in sales, I think bruce has a consulting company now and I'm certain someone at LD would know how to contact him.
He's a good place to start, he knows everyone in the Houston Pro Audio scene.
I found The company Bruce works for


He will know if anyone does about the Stevenson history in Houston
Good Luck

Tim Munson

The Stevenson console was a killer in it's day.  I had the pleasure to work with one here in St. Louis about 25 or 30 years ago.  As I remember the EQ was very sweet.
To show you just how long along this was, their monitors were the ole' Western Electric boxes.
Good luck.

I owned an Interface ( stevenson) 16x8, years ago . from 74 to about '85. that I used in the 8-track room, ( with an ampex 440-b) very nice sounding board, almost impossible to overload- film sound guys used to use the small ones on set because they were so rugged . But, very primitive, as far as features,( monitoring was silly, I had to wire in channel inserts,  and rotary master faders ( separate for each side....), from a modern perspective.

Louis Stevenson took each order, and then they made 'em. and wrote a manual that took into account  the specific tape machine that you were going to hook up.

pm me if you want more details...


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