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Author Topic: Is my interface in its death throes?  (Read 5209 times)

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Is my interface in its death throes?
« on: April 21, 2006, 04:10:09 PM »

Hello all,

My name is Jonathan Waldo and I'm a student recording a project for my band. I've been experiencing some odd problems with my MOTU 1224 audio interface that give me the suspicion that it may be dying. I'll list the symptoms:

The original tracking had a few "pops" that came through on every track that was simulaneously recorded, but not on others. These pops are a result of both sudden polarity reversal and phase changes in the waveform. I tracked using the 1224's internal clock.

In mixing I am using some old preamps to run the whole mix through and recording the the tracks back into the computer. For some reason now the 1224 becomes completely non-functional if I set it to internal clock. Therefore I am now using the MOTU 324 clock (not as good). I listened to the playback and in most spots its just fine, but it a few there are massive concentrations of pops some of which look very strange on the waveform (ex: ONE massive square wave with small odd-looking sinoidal vibrations on the "top").

I've never seen anything like this... is the 1224 shot?


Jonathan Waldo
Crown the Clouds
La Crosse Wisconsin
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