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Author Topic: 6072: Raytheon or GE 5-Star?  (Read 4757 times)


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6072: Raytheon or GE 5-Star?
« on: April 17, 2011, 09:49:51 PM »

Originally Posted By: Caco Sat, 10 April 2010

My friend and I have been searching for 5 star GE 6072a tubes, and found that they are pretty scarce and overpriced. We've decided to go for it and narrowed my search to this seller that has them (also overpriced) and advised me to try these Raytheon tubes instead:

"I have a second recommendation actually. I have a set of 32 matched Raytheon USA triple mica blackplate 6072A. These are cherry picked tubes with the best specifications. I can sell you 8 matched pieces.

When GE began to lower the quality of the 6072 in the early 60's, the raytheon corporation who are a high end military contractor developed their own design of the 6072 and the quality and performance of this tube is at the pinnacle of audio quality. This is a triple mica blackplate tube.

I have sold 6072 to Kondo and Audionote owners all over the world and the consensus is that while the 50's GE 6072 are excellent and a huge upgrade to stock GE 6072A the opinion of most users who have used both is that raytheon actually sound the best.

I sold a large lot of both GE 1950's and Raytheon 6072A to a gentleman from Greece back in 2008. He is the president of the audio club of Athens. He came back and ordered 20 more Raytheon 6072A and other members of his club also bought many raytheons. I believe they held some kind of live audio test comparing the tubes for the club membership and Raytheon was the top pick.

I also sold a large supply of both GE and Raytheon to a gentleman from Hungary and he also came back for more raytheons. I will happily sell you either GE or raytheon and I am glad to work with you to insure that you'll have 2 phono stage tubes and no unacceptable tubes."

Anybody heard these tubes before? This seller has a stellar reputation and seems that he is an expert in tubes.
Klaus Heyne
German Masterworks®
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