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Author Topic: The Skinny on AKG's CK12 Capsule?  (Read 3222 times)


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The Skinny on AKG's CK12 Capsule?
« on: April 17, 2011, 09:42:45 PM »

Originally Posted By:strangeandbouncy on Thu, 27 November 2008

Hi Guys,
I may have got my hands on a bargain C12 - but it is without its capsule!

Any suggestion as to where I might find one would be most welcome!

Who might re-skin a dead one these days? Failing finding the real deal, does anyone make anything even close to the original? I believe that Haun is similar, but is it any good? Where do all the clones source theirs? Surely they can't all be NOS?

In a pinch, I could always chuck something cheap in (i.e. Peluso [?]), or perhaps my spare Gefell M7 or homemade Debenham, Stebbings, and Robinson capsule just to get it running, and wait for a real one to come along.

Just how different is a "new" CK12? I know from regular and long-time experience that, for instance, C12VR is a piece of unmitigated, staggering boredom compared to C12, but I would still say that it is quite a good mic, if acquired for a song! Would it be possible to fit any of these (physically) in real C12?
Any advice would be most gratefully appreciated, as ever!
Kindest regards,
Klaus Heyne
German Masterworks®
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