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Author Topic: (M49) Mike Lovers- Unite!!!  (Read 3702 times)


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(M49) Mike Lovers- Unite!!!
« on: April 17, 2011, 09:40:11 PM »

Originally Posted By: Svensk on Sun, 22 June 2008

Mike Lovers Unite!!!
Does anyone else feel like I do???
I absolutely love my Neumann M-49's....
As far as I'm concerned, the song, "Man In The Mirror" is the centerpiece, musically speaking, of the Michael Jackson album "BAD".
I recorded the Andre Crouch choir on 'Man In The Mirror' with only two microphones. I used my favorite pair of Neumann M-49?s in the classic ?Blumlein Pair? method. One of my unquestionably favorite true, stereophonic microphone techniques.

This is perhaps the best known of all single point stereo microphone techniques.

I am frequently asked.... "What is the effect on the choir on "Man In The Mirror"
Isn't that something? There is NO effect on the choir on "Man In The Mirror?. I try to explaining by saying that the recording of the choir on "Man In The Mirror", is a classic, (but simple) stereo microphone technique! Of course, in addition, you have the best gospel choir in the world, in one of the best studios in world! (Westlake Audio?s gorgeous, Studio 'D', in Hollywood)

This wonderful piece of music has a graceful, natural sounding, dynamic curve to it. From the transparent, burnished brass synthesized bells in the intro, to the Andre Crouch choir that comes in at the modulation and, of course, the music climaxes with the huge ending.
Interesting isn't it?
Listen to it sometime and check it out.....
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