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but kyle and i like talking to each other..... publicly

you really think anything is on that tape?

on topic, the record sounds awesome, and the songs are great.  i really don't care how they made it.  i do enjoy (based on my own personal roots in indie/punk rock) Dave's consistent "low budget" approach to making records. 

regardless, it's a great record, made by great players and engineers, with great gear. 

Ryan G:
I was just giving you guys a hard time, and no.  I don't think anything is actually on that tape, but that's good enough for the marketing department.  All that aside, it is indeed a great record.  On first listen I though the low end was a little over the top, but now it doesn't bother me.  It feels like a rock record, not the production of a rock record; which I find quite refreshing.

who buys the hard copy anymore anyways?

Dave wouldn't lie! Not Dave!

Hi all, first time posting here. Seems like a cool board, I'll look forward to reading more.

If it's of any interest to you guys, I did an interview last month with producer James Brown, who helped engineer a lot of that stuff and build-out their studio. It made for a pretty good read if you're curious. Link is here: http://bit.ly/iZezjZ


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