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man this record is great.

no way it stayed analog the entire way.  it's way too "edited".  man it sounds great!

I think you underestimate how great a band they are.
And of course, no one said they didn't comp takes together.

But yeah. Really great record.

they are a great band!  i didn't mean to imply they couldn't play and required editing.  i meant the heads and tails of guitar entrances/exits sound "cleaned up" to me.  more so they console mute automation would do.  but i'm not claiming that they pulled into a work station.  just saying it sounds "cleaned up"

i really dig the record.  and considering how "rock music" is tanking these days, it nice to this album selling like it is.  leave it up to the foos to keep "honest" rock music alive.

white limo!!!!!  man that song (and video) is paying straight respect to suicidal tendencies. 

It was all done on 827s, so they could have automated punch ins to clean up ins/outs.
Supposedly, the record was mixed on the API, with no automation. Oh, and supposedly, it was mixed using the 4-track drum bounce on the slave reel.
But hey, they're a great band, and Alan Moulder is a great mixer.

Ryan G:
Hate to break up the J and Kyle show, but we should get a bunch of people together that bought physical copies and splice the slivers of tape together.  Awesomeness should ensue.  The documentary that came out along side it was pretty cool as well.


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