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Autotune, on balance, imho, evil. (warning: rant)

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Mx. Remy Ann David:
Here's my take on auto-tune. Get it? I said take.Okay now I'm going to get serious... if that's possible?

Auto-tune is great. If it's not overused or relied upon to turn non-talent into talent.

We all don't record every kind of music art genre out there. Some of us are a little more selective. So I only work with people who actually have, talent. But they must be able to deliver a good live performance.  And in that recorded performance (whether studio or live or live in the studio) and they deliver great performance... except for that one or two slightly mis-pitched notes. And I know they have the talent to deliver. I'll correct those couple of notes with auto-tune. Whether it is sung or played on an instrument.

But if they can't deliver a good live performance? I'm not going to perpetuate a fraud. I can't. I won't.

I've worked with the best of the best. And both of my parents were world-class musicians and singers. My ex was a world-class operatic singer. And recording those types of people are pleasure beyond belief!

For the working-class garbage... I mean garage band, bands. I'll still make small corrections here and there but not everywhere.

So when everybody is finally ready to barf over these over relied upon computer oriented productions. We might get back to some actual music? But then, the masses are the masses. And most of them are relatively talent free, talent light, low Cal talent, light talent, talent less. Then screw them! Let somebody else be the whore that will record them. They're still going to go out of business. Because their horrors. And they have no integrity.

So I'm broke but I have my integrity and my studio. And hopefully that soon will change? As I am in a new place now where people do come to make their mark on the music world. And not all garage I mean garbage bands.

Mx. Remy Ann David

Jim Williams:
40 years ago I had crappy recording gear and amazing artists to record.

Now I have amazing recording gear and crappy artists to record.

Hey Bruno,

I enjoyed reading your rant :) Very articulately put.

I try and keep away from auto tune as much as possible.

I like Jim's comment.... indeed, where are all the singers who can actually sing?!


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