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Klaus Heyne:
We had 3 mics stolen this weekend from White Recital Hall at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Details:

1 Neumann USM691, matte finish (black), serial # 1752
2 Schoeps CMC-6Ug, Nextel finish, serial #s 21629 and 21630
2 Schoeps MK2s Omni capsules

Please keep your eyes peeled in case these show up on the used market at some point. Also missing is a pair of Mackie SRM450s, but the fuckers can keep those.


Bob Beck
Robert Beck
Chief Audio Engineer
Conservatory Recording
UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Klaus Heyne:
Next come some stolen mics from EASTWEST Recording Studios, formerly Cello studios:

AKG C24 - serial #801
Telefunken Elam 251-E
AKG 414 - serial #2241

The first 2 items are mic only, the thief left the power supply.

If anyone knows anything about this please contact the studio 323-467-1066.

- Doug Rogers/EastWest Studios, April 23,2006

Klaus Heyne:
A Crowley and Tripp Studio Vocalist Ribbon Microphone
Serial number 128, in vertical storage case with mount
was stolen in Van Nuys California on March 11, 2006.

Please keep an eye out for that number.

We greatly appreciate sending this info out.


Bob Crowley
Crowley and Tripp Mics, Ashland, MA USA
508 231 4515


Klaus Heyne:
We lost two U87 mics to theft.

Serial numbers are 50475 and 50477.

Anyone seeing these for sale or in a facility, please contact ron_harris@westwoodone.com.

Much appreciated!

Klaus Heyne:
I am currently managing the microphone collection belonging to the late David Smith, former VP of Engineering at Sony Music Studios. In January of this 2006, David rented a Neumann M50 (Serial #278) to an opera singer in NY, who promptly disappeared with the mic. Our lawyer has been unable to lasso her and get the mic back. I assume that, like the other M50's in David's collection, the ID plate on this mic probably says M249bc. If you have any info on this mic, please contact: ronsweet@solidsol.com

Thanks very much,

Ron Sweet


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