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Help! I need a line driver for my Crane Song Trakkers!!!!


I just scored two Crane Song Trakkers in a trade and couldn't be happier with their performance as a 2-bus compressor.  With one caveat.  With the Attack set relatively slow and the Release set relatively fast, I can only get 3 db of compression out of these babies.  Can anyone recommend a transparent way to increase the gain going into the inputs of these things so I can get more compression?


Might be worth a gander at the manual - I know the STC8 has an internal jumper that acts as a 10dB pad on the input level. if the Trakker has this and it's engaged, it will make a world of difference in the operating level...

Sean Eldon Qualls:
...send more level into them from your recorder?

...turn up the gain on the box?

Also remember that the knee is interactive with the timing controls.

I don't think the Trakker has sensitivity jumpers but I could be wrong

After looking at the manual, the only way to get more compression is with Threshold and maybe a bit with the Knee type selected.  Higher the Threshold value, the more compression you should get.  Also remember that when you make the Attack too slow the transients, which have the highest dB content, will pass through untouched  which means less compression.

Do you really need more than 3db?  What does the song tell you?  I know its fashionable to want to squash everything to death but I can't get a handle on doing that too often.  While the Trakker has a rather long LED ladder that can show gain reduction... I usually find 3db [and often way less] is sufficient to get the results I require.

As always... YMMV



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