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Author Topic: Kahn Files Suit Against Clear Channel, et al, for Anti-Monopoly Violations of Law  (Read 1731 times)

Johnny B

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Kahn Files Suit Against Claer Channel, Ibiquity, Others for violating Anti-Trust and Anti-Monopoly Laws

Taken from a trade rag:

"New York - Feb 26, 2006 - In a suit filed in the Southern District Court of New York, Leonard Kahn has charged Ibiquity, Lucent Technologies, Clear Channel and others with suppressing competition and monopolizing AM and FM radio. Kahn's suit claims that the defendants boycotted Kahn's Cam-D system and defamed Cam-D and Kahn personally.

"Kahn notes that the FCC Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking from Apr. 20, 2004, lists Ibiquity as the sole developer of IBOC technology, and that Ibiquity's various partners--including the group owners, equipment manufacturers, the CEA, the NAB and NPR--each has a financial interest in the FCC approving Ibiquity's technology.

"Kahn has requested a trial to show that antitrust laws have been violated.

"Kahn further alleges that the defendants refused to purchase any of his technology, and specifically breached a contract for Cam-D tests on WADO-AM in New York. WADO entered into an agreement with Kahn to test CAM-D. When the station was sold to Univision, the contract was terminated. The suit claims that Univision has an equity interest in Ibiquity, but that the contract interference was not the act of Univision, but rather the group of defendants as part of its boycott of Kahn's technology.

"In its 25 pages, the suit goes on to name other companies that have partnered in the conspiracy, including Intel and Buckley Broadcasting."


Whoa! Someone finally had the guts to sue the monopolies! Maybe we will see a return to the good old days when corporations were barred from owning too many media outlets in a single market and limited to just a few on the national level.

If we had more independent channels, the music should improve, local bands could get access to the air, so could the public, and the news might not be so  biased toward the right wingnuts' failed agendas.

A corporation is not even a person for Christ's sake, it's a thing, an "It." A corporation is totally inhuman, unethical, and immoral.  Both President Thomas Jefferson and President Andrew Jackson were anti-corporation, they'd outlaw these "things" because "abuse" is one it's inherent flaws and so easy to accomplish when you have crooks like Congressman Tom Delay and Congressman Duke Cunningham headed for prison. Republican Congressman Duke Cunningham just got a sentence of 8 years for taking a 2.5 million dollar bribe...  

Corporate reform and actual enforcement of the Anti-Trust and Anti-Monopoly Laws would go a long way toward cleaning up the corporate consolidation of power and the entire media mess.

I hope we see a court-ordered breakup of this consolidated media power in the hands of so few corporations.

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