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Author Topic: Is 1/4 inch good enough for mastering?  (Read 11945 times)


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Re: Is 1/4 inch good enough for mastering?
« Reply #45 on: March 13, 2006, 10:01:38 pm »

ok, i'll admit it, i am a lucky guy.  ... knowing a few people who know eddie (last name pronounced CHeletty), and being 3 blocks away from where he teaches a class ... increased my chances.

it was a pleasurable learning experience let me tell you!!  very nice, and serious guy!  funny in his way!  and DC is right, he does a great dog impression. ...

he brought all his tools, and a very funny old test tape.  obviously, this is something he has done countless times so he could keep jabbering away about his experiences in new york (and here for the last 7 years.) while he worked.  he even talked about his watch oil that he buys from some place in boston.  he cleaned the whole machine and immediately found some problems.  which he fixed.  he gave me an education in azimuth, zenith, alignment, etc.  he even got my assistant involved as his 23 year old ears can hear 18k better than ours -- he set the phase!

i have spoken to several people about this.  several people who KNOW what they are doing, including eddie.  they all agree, a well setup and maintained 1/4", with good tape and good engineering skills can be a very good mixdown medium.  so, to answer the original poster, if he is still listening, and to others who asked in this thread, i just learned that it IS good enough to send to mastering.

as has been suggested many times, get a tech in your area to set it up for you!  they have the test tapes, the know-how etc.  maybe even an engineer, who can do it.  but spend the $100 - $300 to have it done right.

eddie told me some great stories about his 3-day crash course in becoming the chief tech at bearsville and installing sub woofers there for peter tosh's visit.  Laughing Laughing and lots of other stories about the recording studios in nyc.  and he embraces digial and analog.  ..then he started talking about feedback in api's and how you can't get them to clip and ... and ...
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