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Avalon 737 w/ "Baby Face mod"?

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J.J. Blair:
WTF?  First of all, I have to say that I never really cared for this piece of gear.  I think I described it as being "about as exciting as peeing my pants."  

But anyway, I've noticed that there's a $99 "Baby Face mod" being offered for this, that increases the attack time on the compressor.  Is this to help control the transients caused by excessive soul yodeling?

I've never cared for the 737 (or anything much Avalon) myself, but now that I know there's a "Babyface" modification, I am getting pretty darned real excited about it.  Yes I am.

Thanks JJ.

Greg Dixon:
I lived in Avalon, Sydney for a while, which is where the company started.

Avalons only work on booty tracks.


DivideByZero wrote on Thu, 23 February 2006 16:32
Avalons only work on booty tracks.M

AKA: "skid marks"


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