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An amusing thread on another forum...


You'd think they'd go to the source instead of spreading regurgitated articles and interpreted myth... http://www.gearslutz.com/board/high-end/596703-michael-brauer-rides-again.html

I saw that too.  Too damn funny!!  I almost pointed the guy in this direction but decided the amount idiots that would follow is just not worth it.

You might have fun with it... when I pointed them here [don't forget, there is a registration process here, and a hardcore moderation ethos that precludes assholes from taking over!!] I got banned from the site... but I thought that was half the fun... as always, YMMV


Although the last post is good.

As ever it's always worth remembering that simply analysing the technical aspects of MHB's mix techniques might still not make you a great mixer. Though it's good to be informed, it would be a bit like turning off the sound on a Bill Evan's video and learning his piano style by sight alone. It's never gonna sound like Bill Evan's.

Sound, the emotional response to sound and inherent musicality is what makes a great mixer - however he chooses to use the equipment. Most of the greats don't worry too much about how they use the equipment - they just respond to the sound it makes - and then we all sit around trying to figure out what they did, not what they made.

I hope this makes some sense. Continue to find out about all methods, but remember the most important part.

Above all, enjoy your mixes. If you don't - there's not much chance of anyone else enjoying them :-)

and good luck.


The short version of that would be... "make it feel great" [which is something I think Mr. Brauer does exceptionally well]... I just thought it was funny that rather than continuing with conjecture, they could have asked the man himself.



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